Zheflon® FL2800 PVDF- Lithium battery Binders Grade

Group PVDF for Lithium Batteries
Min. Order 1 kilogram
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2020-05-12
Item specifics
FeaturesCopolymer, low to medium viscosity
UsesBattery binder,lithium iron phosphate
FormsWhite powder
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Zheflon® FL2800 is a medium to low viscosity grade polyvinylidene fluoride copolymer. It imparts a certain flexibility to the material while reducing the crystallinity of the polymer. It can enhance the interaction between polymer molecules, active materials and metal pole pieces, improve adhesion performance and improve the solid content of slurry. It is especially suitable for the application of lithium iron phosphate system in electric vehicle industry.

Zheflon® FL2800 can effectively reduce the amount of formula used, reduce the DC internal resistance of the battery, improve the energy density and charge and discharge performance of the battery, and effectively increase the capacity retention rate of the battery during the cycle to meet the needs of the automotive industry.



Copolymer,  low to medium viscosity


Battery binder, lithium iron phosphate


White powder


Typical Value

Test Method


Physical Properties





Water Absorption(%)(Time 24 hr)


ISO 62

Dissolution properties

Rotational viscosity(cps)


1gPVDF:10gNMP, #3spindle,25℃

Thermal Properties

Melting Point(℃)


ASTM D3418

Crystallization Temperature(DSC peak)(℃)


ASTM D3418

Glass Transition Temp, Tg(℃)


ASTM E1356

Decomposition Temperature(℃)


1% wt. loss / in air


Heat of Fusion(J/g)


ASTM D3418


1.PVDF should be processed under 260℃,to avoid producing toxic gases;

2.PVDF has good fire resistance and smoke inhibition property, however, when meets with fire, it will release toxic hydrogen fluoride gas and fluorocarbon compounds;

3.Operators should take good care of personal protection during the use procedure and processing.

PVDF is packed in PE plastic bag and then be put into a drum with the net weight 25KGS. It must be stored in clean, cool, dry place.