Zheflon®FL2300 PVDF—Flexible lithium battery grade
Zheflon®FL2300 PVDF—Flexible lithium battery grade

Item specifics

Modified copolymer, medium to high viscosity
NCM811,NCA and other high nickel system Li-battery
White powder

Product review


  1. FL2300 is a polyvinylidene fluoride modified copolymer with medium and high viscosity grades. It can effectively enhance the force between polymer molecules, active materials and metal pole pieces, and improve adhesion and corrosion resistance in electrolyte. The unique structure can effectively prevent the slurry gel and improve the flexibility of the electrode sheet. It is especially suitable for the application of the high nickel ternary material system in the electric vehicle industry. 

  2. FL2300 can effectively reduce the amount of formula used, reduce the DC internal resistance of the battery, improve the energy density and charge and discharge performance of the battery, and effectively increase the capacity retention rate of the battery during the cycle, thereby meeting the needs of the automotive industry.

Features:  Modified copolymer, medium to high viscosity

Uses :  NCM811NCA and other high nickel system lithium battery binders 

Forms: White powder



Typical Value



Test Method

Physical Properties



Density g/cc



Particle sizeμm )( D50


HG/T 2901

Water Absorption %


GB/T 6284

Dissolution properties



Rotational viscosity mPa.s


1.0gPVDF:10.0gNMP,#3spindle, 25, GB/T 10247

Molecular properties



Molecular weight Da


GB/T 21864

Thermal Properties



Melting Point


GB/T 19466

Metal impurities



Zn ppm


HG/T 3944

Ni ppm


HG/T 3944

Fe ppm


HG/T 3944

Cr ppm


HG/T 3944

1.PVDF should be processed under 260℃,to avoid producing toxic gases;

2.PVDF has good fire resistance and smoke inhibition property, however, when meets with fire, it will release toxic hydrogen fluoride gas and fluorocarbon compounds;

3.Operators should take good care of personal protection during the use procedure and processing.

PVDF is packed in PE plastic bag and then be put into a drum with the net weight 25KGS. It must be stored in clean, cool, dry place.