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FKM copolymer

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  • Middle Mooney Fluoroelastomer

    Good ductility and excellent resistant to oils, fuels, aliphatic series, aromatic hydrocarbons, and most mineral acids.

    Min. Order: 1kilogram

  • High Mooney Fluoroelastomer

    It has excellent mechanical strength, good demoulding properties and low compression set.

    Min. Order: 1kilogram

  • Flurine®L Series Fluoroelastomer

    Flurine® L series is a low-middle Mooney bisphenol-vulcanized fluoroelastomer with a fluorine content of 66%

    Min. Order: 1kilogram

  • C series FKM

    Fluorine® C series are medium molecular weight distribution Fluoroelastomer,frequently used in many industries areas.

    Min. Order: 1kilogram