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Zheflon pvdf

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  • Zheflon® PVDF 2022—Lithium battery binder grade

    2022 lithium battery grade PVDF is a white powdery resin with strong solubility, medium and high viscosity characteristics

    Min. Order: 1kilogram

  • Zheflon® PVDF 2011—Injection grade

    Homopolymer, white granular resin,low melt viscosity, high melting index, good fluidity, good mechanical strength and toughness

    Min. Order: 1kilogram

  • Zheflon® PVDF 2013—Molding grade

    Homopolymer, white granular resin,high melt viscosity and low melting index. Suitable for extrusion molding and other processes

    Min. Order: 1kilogram

  • Zheflon® FL2611 PVDF

    Polyvinylidene fluoride copolymer with low melt viscosity grade,suitable for applications in coatings &cable industries.

    Min. Order: 1kilogram